Mount Aragats Western Summit

Mount Aragats - Southern Summit

Mount Aragats is an isolated volcano massif with four summits - the Northern summit (4,090m) is the highest point of Armenia. Its northern summit, at 4,090 m (13,420 ft) above sea level, and is the highest point of the Republic of Armenia. There are firn fields and snowfields on the sides of the crater cirque, as well as moraines and glaciers inside the crater. Glacial meltwater dominates the upper part of the rivers descending from Aragats but its importance decreases farther down the valleys.
The Summits are accessible from several routes and from different start points. The most classic (or standard) start points are Kari Lake (located at 3200 meters), and Aragats Village. You will find a meteo-station at Kari Lake with a hotel-restaurant which is operational starting mid-spring till mid-autumn. No mountaineering skills are required to ascend Mount Aragats through standard routes, unless you decide to summit from untouched faces of the Northern Summit. In winter time you will require safety gear, such as snowshoe, crampons, and ice-axe. You can also plan ski-touring on Mount Aragats starting late December until late April (or sometime May).

Monument description

  • Location: Aragatsotn & Shirak Province 
  • Yerevan - Kari Lake: 1.5 hour (60 km)
  • Altitude: 3,995m
  • Coordinates: 40°32′00″N 44°12′00″E 
  • Mountain type: Stratovolcano (conical volcano)

How to get to the Trail?

The best option to get to Kari Lake is whether to go by your personal vehicle or to take a taxi as there is no public transportation heading to the Lake. You'd better arrange your return in advance to avoid the risk of 'no network coverage' on the Mountain. 
You should also note, that starting mid-autumn till mid-spring, the road to Kari Lake is blocked due to the snow layer reaching more than 2 meters. Therefore, consult with local guides before heading to Kari lake.

  • Distance from Yerevan: 84km
  • Duration: 1h 25 minutes
  • Cost: 9,000-10,000 AMD

Where to stay?

You can camp around Kari Lake or even at some point above the Lake for good acclimatization. However, beware of wolves especially in early autumn. You'd better inform the personnel of the meteo-station about the location of your camp. Camping in the Crater or on Southern-Western summits saddle is also possible! Be prepared for cold weather and chilling winds! 
You can also stay in the hotel around the Lake or ask the personnel of the meteo-station for an overnight stay; they will definitely like to host you. You can also stay in hotels or B&B's in Byurakan (check out our Accommodation page).

Nearby destinations

Do not miss visiting the below destinations:

  • Hovhannavank Monastery (5th-13th centuries) in Ohanavan village in Aragatsotn province
  • Saghmosavank Monastery (13th century) in Saghmosavan village in Aragatsotn province
  • The Armenian Alphabet Monument after M. Mashtots near the village of Artashavan
  • Amberd Fortress (VII - XIV c.)
  • Byurakan Observatory 
  • Victor Hambardzumyan house-museum 

Trail characteristics

  • Start point: Kari Lake
  • Trail length: ~12 km (round-trip), direct route bypassing the Southern Summit
  • It is possible to ascend the Southern Summit, descend to the Southern-Western summits saddle so ascend the Western Summit
  • Duration: ~5-6 hours
  • Elevation gain: ~840 m
  • Difficulty level: moderate
  • Some dangerous passes
  • Max elevation: 3,995m
  • Min elevation: 3,250m


There is a chance to see many traces of animals: wolves, foxes, wild rabbits and dogs in rural areas.

Safety precautions:

Mobile connection is available up to the South Summit of Mount Aragats. In case of incidents, rescue services function in Armenia with 24/7 principle; call 911.

Photo album 

GPS track

Follow the GPS track of this trail via the below map; however, keep in mind to consult with local guides before heading to the trail.


Armenian Outdoor Adventures 

Leave No Trace

  • Plan ahead & be prepared
  • Dispose the waste properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Minimize campfire impacts
  • Respect the wildlife
  • Be considerate of other visitors

Roads conditions

It is winter time! Check out road conditions before heading to the road! Beware of the snow & ice layer!

Vanadzor - Alaverdi section of the M6 Interstate highway stretching from Yerevan to Georgian border is temporarily closed. You can use Vanadzor-Stepanavan-Odzun-Alaverdi bypassing road.

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