Bujakan Mountains Ski Trail


Bujakan mountains ski track is located in Kotayk Province, 5.5km northwest of the village of Bujakan. The ski run starts from Yeghipatrush village of Aragatsotn region, 56km from Yerevan.

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Trail characteristics

How to get to the Trail

Take a taxi to get to Yeghipatrush village


There is a chance to come across wolves, foxes, rabbits, also bears.

Safety precautions:

Mobile connection is available between Yeghipatrush village and Bujakan Mountain. In case of incidents, rescue services function in Armenia with 24/7 principle; call 911. Beware of dogs in villages.

Photo album 

GPS track

Follow the GPS track of this trail via the below map; however, keep in mind to consult with local guides before heading to the trail.



State Tourism Committee of RA

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