Zorats Karer, Karahunj


Zorats Karer (Karahunj) is a prehistoric archaeological site officially named as Karahunj Observatory. It is located in an area of around 7 hectares and covers the site nearby the Dar River canyon, close to the city of Sisian. The site is rich with basalt stone settings, burial cists and standing stones. According to archaeo-astronomers the standing stones could have been used for astronomical observations. The ancient site is supposed to be 7,500-Year-old and is often called the ''Armenian Stonehenge''. 

The Complex consists of the central circle, the north arm, the south arm, N-E alley, the chord (crossing the circle) and separate standing stones, in total registered 223 stones. About 80 of the stones feature a circular hole, although only 37 of the stones, with 47 holes, are still standing.

Zorats Karer (Karahunj) is located in Syunik Province, around 240km / 4 hours from the Capital city, Yerevan. It is highly recommended to take a 2-days tour to Syunik Province and visit some of the World Heritages registered by UNESCO.

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