Armenian Highland
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Armenian Highland Summits

Explore geographic & technical data about Armenian Highland Summits in order to organize your ascents ahead. 

Armenian Highland Trails

The most popular trails of Armenian Highland - pasing through cultural sites, natural & hydrological monuments - are marked and maintained to assure safe hiking for adventure-lovers.

Climb Armenia

Armenian Highland is consisted of dozens limestone formations attracting adventurous spirits for sport, traditional & mixed climbing, and bouldering.

Skiing in Armenian Highland

The Armenian Highland is one of the most popular destinations for in and off the piste skiing. There are three ski resorts operating in Armenia, of which Tsaghkadzor ski resort hosts thousands of skiers annually, among them the national ski teams from different countries in the region.

Skitour Armenia

In addition to ski resorts operating for about 4 months per year, there are dozens of destinations for ski touring all around Armenia, where the snow is preserved until the end of May. 

Walking high in Armenia

Canyons all over The Armenian Highland are amazing destinations to do slackline & highline. Mounting stations are already installed in several locations, however, slackline & highline is still actively being developed.

Trek Armenia

Do not miss the opportunity of multi-day trekking in Armenian Highland, meeting the local population in villages, tasting food & drinks and getting fascinated with the untouched nature.

Fly over Armenia

The Armenian Highland has the necessary technical - high and convenient mountains for repulsion, safe areas for landing, winds and air flows - and also attractive conditions to glide high.

Leave No Trace

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Minimize campfire impacts
Dispose the waste properly
Respect the wildlife
Leave what you find
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The 'must visit' destinations


Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion, in the early 4th century. There are hundreds of churches & monastic complexes withstanding on the top of cliffs and hill sides all around Armenia.


Armenians used to build fortresses on the top of high-cliffs in order to defend themselves from invasions. The ruins of dozens of fortresses are standing still all around Armenia; you will enjoy the captivating sceneries while hiking to these historical monuments.

Forest parks

Dendroparks (forest parks) are home to hundreds of speicies, ornamental plants, trees and bushes well preserved in protected areas, which are meanwhile open for the public.

Longest aerial tramway in the World

"Wings of Tatev" (Tatev Gateway Complex) was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest reversible cable-way.
5752-meters long; 12 minutes ride; 2 cabins; 25 passengers per each.

Zorats Karer, Karahunj

Zorats Karer, also called Karahunj (or Qarahunj) is a prehistoric archaeological site near the town of Sisian in the Syunik Province of Armenia. It is also often referred to in international tourist lore as the Armenian Stonehenge.

The swinging bridge of Khndzoresk

The 160-meter long bridge weight 14 tons and connects the two banks of the village, the so-called old and new Khndzoresk.

Adventure Blog

Guest Reviews

We traveled to Armenia in October 2018 for a cycling & MTB tour around Armenia and cultural tour in Georgia. The trip was organized & hosted by Armenian Outdoor Adventures. The team did a great job by designing a customized itinerary for an 11-day biking trip. We enjoyed wonderful views of the mountainous country while cycling with Aharon, our tour guide. Welcoming and hospitable people, well planned biking itineraries, tasty food guaranteed an unforgettable adventure in Armenia.
We would definitely recommend Armenian Outdoor Adventures for planning your adventure in Armenia.

The Lebanese Outdoor Adventures and Armenian Outdoor Adventures organized a hiking trip in Armenian Highland for about 11 days.

We were overwhelmed with amazing scenery, the hospitability of the local community, very well organized logistics, food & beverage. We loved our curly-haired guide, Ani, and gentelman driver, Yuri, who accompanied us during the whole trip.

We will be definitely back to Armenia for more trips with Armenian Outdoor Adventures.

Travel Info: Getting here & around

Armenia is a land-locked country in the crossroad of Europe & Asia. Although it has closed borders with two of its four neighbors, getting to Armenia is very easy; you will be able to fit in your budget & comfort requirements by picking up one or a combination of transportation means.

Travel Info: Where to stay?

Even though you will find luxury hotels all around Armenia, however, you might not miss staying at 'world-class' B&B's, camp sites & hostels. Keep in mind, that you are always welcome to Armenian households; they might ask you in, feed you with fresh food and home-made beverage and let you stay overnight.

Interstate roads conditions

Vanadzor - Alaverdi section of the M6 Interstate highway stretching from Yerevan to Georgian border is still undergoing some construction activities, however, it is open from time to time. Make sure about the availability of the road by contacting RA Ministry of Emergency Situations via HOTLINE 112 or 911, or you can use Vanadzor-Stepanavan-Odzun-Alaverdi bypassing road.

Encountering with wild life

The possibility of encountering with wild animals such as wolves is high all around Armenia specially in the cold season. Contact us for additional information & tips before heading to the wild and be prepared & equipped for any types of encounters.
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